Vision, Mission and Values of the Dental Health Foundation


Optimum oral health for all in Ireland.


Promote oral health across the life course through effective advocacy and education.

To fulfill our mission, we aim to provide information and support to the community, educational groups, and dental health sector professionals, and to engage in advocacy for oral health and general health and well-being across the life course.


The Dental Health foundation’s core values of care, respect, trust, quality, and innovation, shape the culture and define the character of the organisation. These values guide decision-making within the organisation and the foundation’s work programme.


Mindful of people’s needs and concerns.


Respect for people’s backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities.


Foster trust through listening, collaborating, and working in partnership with all stakeholders.


Strive for quality in all work through research, analysis, and evaluation.


Actively progress an innovative approach to programming and efficient cost-effective management of working to achieve our goals.