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Winners of Dental Health Foundation Bursaries - Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health

29 June 2022

Katrina Byrne Travel bursary photo DHF.JPG

We are delighted to announce the Winners of the Dental Health Foundation Bursaries for the Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health.

Congratulations to Katrina Byrne for winning the Biennial Dental Health Foundation Travel Bursary Award (€700).

Pictured (L-R) Ms Sandra Byrne, Project Officer, Dental Health Foundation presenting the Dental Health Foundation Biennial Travel Bursary (Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health (ISDH)) to Ms Katrina Byrne, and Dr Ahhmed Kahatab, President ISDH.

The title of Katrina’s project is: The Oral Health Status of Older People with Intellectual Disabilities in Ireland. Initial Findings.

The study confirms the poor oral health status of people with intellectual disabilities. The unique focus on function demonstrates highly prevalent inadequate dentition for aesthetic and occlusal function.

You can read the abstract HERE

Congratulations to Sadhbh O’Rourke for winning the Student/ Newly Qualified Professional Award (€300).

The title of Sadhbh's project is ‘Does education in Special Care Dentistry increase people’s confidence to manage the care of a more diverse population?’

It was found that those who received high quality practical and theoretical education on how to manage patients with SHCN reported having higher levels of confidence than those who don’t.

You can read the abstract HERE