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Mouth Cancer Awareness Day - 15th September 2021

08 September 2021

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Please Support Mouth Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday 15th September 2021

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day (MCAD) takes place on Wednesday 15th September and is an annual campaign run by the Mouth Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland Group.

Over 700 cases of mouth, head and neck cancer are diagnosed every year in Ireland, and this figure has been steadily increasing in recent years.  While Mouth, Head & Neck Cancer can occur at any age, the majority of mouth cancers are diagnosed in the over 55’s, regardless of whether or not they still have their own natural teeth or may be wearing dentures.

This year the campaign will focus on raising awareness of the link between Alcohol and Mouth Cancer

The aim of MCAD is to:

  1. Promote public and professional awareness of mouth head & neck Cancer and the link between alcohol and these cancers. 
  2. To establish in the public mind their “right to know” the links between alcohol and mouth head and neck cancers.
  3. Promote early detection and encourage earlier presentation with signs and concerns about mouth head and neck cancer to improve potential outcomes.

To mark Mouth Cancer Awareness day on the 15th Sept,   Mouth Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland are hosting a webinar in partnership with the  HSE Health and Wellbeing Alcohol Programme ‘Alcohol and Cancer – Reducing the Risk’.     This webinar aims to promote awareness about how alcohol increases the risk of cancer, and how this risk can be reduced. There is a particular focus on mouth, head and neck cancers.     1 CPD credit has been approved by RCPI.     REGISTER HERE


Alcohol Action Ireland will also provide a podcast on the direct link between alcohol and cancer on their podcast series  The Alcohol File.


Key message:

Early detection of mouth cancer improves treatment outcomes and long-term quality of life:

“If you have a sore, ulcer, lump in your mouth, a sore throat or neck lump for more than 3 weeks, ring your dentist or doctor immediately to get it checked.”

How you can take part:

Please share the following on your social media using #MouthCancerDay  #AlcoholAndCancer



  • Information leaflet: Mouth, Head and Neck Cancer – what you should know’

                       Order Irish Cancer Society leaflets here:  

Call to Action:

  1. Check your mouth before you brush your teeth.
  2. If you have a sore, ulcer, lump in your mouth, a sore throat or neck lump for more than 3 weeks, get checked by a dentist or doctor within 7 days.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly, at least once a year, even if you have no teeth and wear dentures. 9 out of 10 adults in Ireland are entitled to a FREE oral exam, please check your entitlements on

If you care for someone, remind them of  the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer and encourage them to check their  mouth and to visit their dentist at least once a year even if they have no teeth and wear dentures.


Mouth Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland is a partnership involving the Dublin Dental University Hospital, Cork University Dental School and Hospital, Irish Dental Association, Dental Health Foundation, National Cancer Control Programme, Irish Cancer Society,  and Cancer survivors.


Thank you for your support.

Kevin O'Hagan, Chairperson

Mouth Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Ireland Group