Cleaning your baby's teeth

Research shows if a child has dental decay at a young age that they are likely to have dental decay as an adult. The health benefits of good oral health are immense; getting children actively involved in looking after their oral health from an early age improves both their oral and general health as adults.

Effective Toothbrushing Routine

From 0 until 2 years old 

  • You can start to clean a baby's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears using a clean damp cloth to clean baby's gums after a feed.
  • As more teeth begin to appear, brush the child's teeth twice a day, with a soft toothbrush and water.                                   
  • Do Not Use Toothpaste (unless advised by your dentist).       
  • It may be difficult at first but a baby will become used to this routine. Cleaning a baby's teeth is very important to help protect against tooth decay.

When and how to brush your child's teeth

This video aims to provide parents and carers of young children with some basic advice on when to start brushing their child's teeth and how to do it. The recommendations are in line with best practice in Ireland 2014.