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World Obesity Day

03 March 2023

World Obesity Day 2023 (1)

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends less than 6 teaspoons of 'free sugars' per day to reduce the risk of unhealthy weight gain and tooth decay?

What is a 'free sugar' you might ask?

Free sugars include table sugar, glucose or fructose which are added to food and drink by the manufacturer, consumer or cook. They also include sugars that are naturally present in fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, honey or syrups.

Many breakfast cereals and breakfast bars are high in sugar. Why not start with an easy switch this week-end and ditch them for healthier options like porridge and chopped fruit, wholemeal toast, plain yoghurt and chopped fruit or a low-sugar muesli.

Low sugar is any food or drink that has less than 5g/5ml sugar per 100g/100ml.

Getting into the habit of checking the nutritional label before putting anything into your shopping trolley will go a long way to helping you reduce your sugar intake!