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World No Tobacco Day 2021

31 May 2021

World No Tobacco Day 2021

Today is World No Tobacco Day and is a very good day to #CommitToQuit.

Smoking impacts your oral health, including gum disease and bad breath

Quitting smoking as well as helping your own health, protects your family from secondhand smoke.

Why not sign this petition from the World Health Organization to help set you in the right direction?

2 weeks to 3 months after quitting Your circulation improves and your lung function increases.

1 to 2 years after quitting Your risk of heart attack drops dramatically.

5 to 10 years after quitting Your risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, and voice box (larynx) is cut in half, (smoking is one of the main risk factors for mouth head and neck cancer )

There is also lots of help and support available from and ask your doctor, dentist or pharmacist for advice also.