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World Diabetes Day

14 November 2022


It’s World Diabetes Day!

The theme is ‘Access to diabetes education’.

Diabetes affects 422 million people globally, and it is directly responsible for 1.5 million deaths annually. Over the past few decades, there has been a consistent rise in both the incidence and prevalence of diabetes. It is important that people living it with manage their condition. Research shows a link between diabetes and oral health. There is a greater risk of developing gum disease, dry mouth and oral infections – gum disease can make it more difficult to manage your diabetes. The Dental Health Foundation has developed high quality resources for adult and children with diabetes, to support them in practising good oral hygiene.

You can download them HERE

The International Diabetes Federation has launched a new online platform that provides free interactive courses to help people with diabetes, and those who care for them, you can access them HERE 

For more information on diabetes and oral health please see our webpage HERE