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The IPU Review - The Role of the Pharmacist in Improving Oral Health

21 June 2021


The Irish Pharmacy Union commissioned a study in 2019 which showed that 70% of the public are more likely to visit the Pharmacist ahead of the GP, making the Pharmacist ideally placed in helping to promote oral health messaging and ensuring that the public has access to professional and trustworthy information.


We have written an article for the IPU Review 'The role of the Pharmacist in improving oral health good oral health'.

Oral health is not just about appearance, it impacts on your overall health, the basics are good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. The key messages around this are a daily routine of brushing your teeth twice a day and eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and sticking with tooth friendly drinks like water and milk.

The Pharmacist can advise you on looking after your teeth and give you information about gum disease, cold sores, dry mouth and medication and mouth head and neck cancer.

Please read the article in full here pages 41-43