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Summer Sweet Tooth

05 August 2022

Tooth Decay on a Stick!

Taking time off to relax and unwind is so important for recharging the batteries and self-care.

Looking after our oral health is part of self-care too. The foods and drinks we consume to nourish our body and our eating habits generally influence our health and wellbeing. A good diet reduces the risk for tooth decay. 

It's easy to let things slip during the Summer when the kids are off from school. With all of the outdoor activities they are bound to be thirsty and hungry a lot of the time! The best drinks to give them are water and milk and healthy snacks between meals like pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables sticks.

If your child does have a sugary snack, make sure it is at a mealtime. This is because they produce more saliva when they have eaten a meal, which helps to reduce the effects of harmful acid attacks. It is also a good idea to get them to rinse their mouth with water afterwards.

Having  a piece of chocolate is less damaging to teeth than having hard or chewy sweets. Drinking fizzy drinks is like bathing the teeth in sugar and acid. Choose healthy options and your teeth will thank you!

While it may be difficult to have toothbrushing routines, keep brushing the teeth twice a day, at night before bed and in the morning.

Healthy habits last a lifetime!