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Lip balm in Winter time

12 December 2022


We are in for a very cold spell by all accounts so it’s time to take care of our lips.

During the winter months our lips can really suffer, they get dry, cracked or chapped if we don’t look after them. Using a good quality lip balm is recommended for adding an extra protective layer. This is especially important if you are out all day or on a ski-holiday where the altitude is higher. 

As excessive exposure to sunlight increases the possibility of lip cancer it is important that you use a lip balm with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as it is designed to reduce the risk of lip cancer and also helps to reduce cold sore flare-ups.

And of course, it goes without saying never share lip-balm, even with your nearest and dearest, as this increases the risk of cold-sores.

Wrap up well everyone and pop a lip balm into your coat pocket!