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Launch of Men's Oral Health Postcard - Choose the Right Tools for Your Teeth!

17 June 2021


We are delighted to launch our Men’s Oral Health Postcard on Men’s Health Week (MHW) to encourage and empower men to ‘choose the right tools’ for their teeth and good oral health.

The pandemic has shone a light on ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ and the importance of diet, sleep, physical activity, avoiding risky substances and maintaining positive social connections. Our postcard is a reminder of the importance of also maintaining good oral health, which is not just about the absence of disease such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Part of the overall mission of the Dental Health Foundation is to educate people about their oral health and all person health, and we ensure that our advice is underpinned by science. We take the holistic approach and emphasise that the goal is to have good oral health for your lifetime.

Over half of Irish people aged between 65 and 74 have never used the internet. Men who took part in 'Sheds for Life' (the Dental Health Foundation is a partner organisation in this programme) increased their confidence in getting online and staying connected with family and friends online.

In line with this our new postcard is available for free in both hardcopy and a downloadable electronic copy in order to make this information available to men in whichever way best suits their needs. You can read it and download it here or you can order it on our Resource Order Form 

The goal of MHW is to increase awareness of male health issues on a global level, engage them in healthier lifestyles and increase early detection of health issues in men.

The chosen theme for MHW 2021 is 'Making the Connections’ and the call to action is:

  • CHECK IN with yourself to see how you are coping / feeling, and to identify any health worries that you might have.
  • CHECK UP on your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues to see how they’re doing and to offer support.
  • If you notice anything worrying or which needs medical attention, CHECK IT OUT and seek information / help / support / treatment as soon as possible.

Be sure to visit your dental team at least once a year (even if you have no teeth or wear dentures) for a mouth cancer examination, advice and a check-up to prevent gum disease, tooth decay and to minimise tooth wear.