Secondary School

Diabetes and Oral Health TeensDiabetes and Oral Health Teens

Issued : April 2019
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Sugar Frequency - Sugar ClockSugar Frequency - Sugar Clock

Issued : February 2018
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Tooth Led Teens (TLT)

Issued : January 2018

Youth Dental 13-17 PostcardYouth Dental 13-17 Postcard

Issued : May 2017
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Revised mouthguard poster Sept2016Revised mouthguard poster Sept2016

Issued : September 2016
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Sugar Content in Sports_Energy DrinksSugar Content in Sports_Energy Drinks

Issued : August 2016
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Mouthguard PosterMouthguard Poster

Issued : October 2015
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Sugar InfographSugar Infograph

Issued : September 2015
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Oral Health VideosOral Health Videos

Issued : April 2015
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Acid Attack and Sugar Frequency FlyerAcid Attack and Sugar Frequency Flyer

Issued : April 2015
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Ith go Cliste PosterIth go Cliste Poster

Issued : October 2014
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Eat Smart Move MoreEat Smart Move More

Issued : October 2014
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Sugary Drinks PosterSugary Drinks Poster

Issued : September 2014
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SaveThatTooth_New 30.07.2014SaveThatTooth_New 30.07.2014

Issued : August 2014
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