When Sally met Sammy


Oral Health is key to well-being and general health. Risk factors for oral health includes diet, which also plays a role in other diseases such as heart disease, cancers, obesity and periodontal disease. Irish children and teenagers rank poorly for snacking on sugary foods and drinks. A 2007 Irish survey on National Teens' Food showed that 42% of girls are not getting enough calcium which is vital for healthy bones and teeth.

The 'When Sally met Sammy' booklet, from Safefood, aims to increase a child's experience of healthy food from an early age and encourages a positive attitude towards a healthy diet. You and your child can decide together which end of the book to start with - Sally's story or Sammy's story. The idea is that you then read the other story, and finish with the fun, fold-out section in the middle, where Sammy realises the error of his ways and devotes himself to a lifetime of healthy lunches with his new friend Sally!

To order a free copy of When Sammy met Sally please email Safefood at publishing@safefood.eu or visit www.safefood.eu to find out more.

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