Moloney Award 2014

The Dental Health Foundation would like to thank all entrants for this years Moloney Award. Congratulations to this years winner Dr Paul Moore for his project The Bur Butler.

Bur butler

For 30 years as a dentist, the storage and organisation of dental burs had never quite ever been able to suit my needs. Some of the most common problems we wanted to address included:

A Simple systems don't grip the burs and they are lost down the drain, requiring a visit from the Plumber and a lost bur.

B The metal holders with "gripping" inserts wear and need replenishment.

C I had to have different blocks of different shanks.

D Solid lids prevented me from seeing what was in the Bur Block until the sterilisation pouch was opened and the lid lifted.

We set about to find a simple, elegant, versatile, durable solution and we feel that we have a totally new concept that you will enjoy.

The nurses in our practice love these. Once the burs are placed in the blocks in the order you want, your staff can wash them, bag them and autoclave them IN SITU. The colour coding allows each operatory to have their own colour and the same burs are always returned to the same dentist.

We keep our central stock on the 60 holes boards, and can then easily visualise how many of each we have remaining. Great for stock control

Dr Paul Moore BDS works as a general practitioner in Galway Ireland.


Winner Moloney Award