IADR/DHF Award 2003 - 2005

2005 Award

The award was presented in 2005 to Declan Quinn from the North Eastern Health Board for his presentation entitled "The Practice of Conscious Sedation By Senior Dental Surgeons

2004 Award

The winners for 2004 were Dr Darius Sagheri, Dublin Dental School and Hospital, his project is entitled 'Water or salt fluoridation. The effectiveness according to social class'.

The second award went to Dr Maria Tobin and colleagues, University College Cork. Project entitled 'Microbial Contamination of Dental Unit Water Systems in Cork'.

2003 Award

An award was presented in 2003 to Dr Ruth Gray, Senior Clinical Dental Surgeon for the Homeless, South Western Area Health Board, for her research titled the "Oral Health Status of Methadone Clients in Dublin, Ireland"