IADR Irish Division / DHF Award

The IADR Irish Division / Dental Health Foundation Award for Public Health and Health Promotion supports research by investigators whose current main position is in a primary care setting such as within the Health Service Executive or general dental practice.

Health services research is the primary focus of the award and this may include epidemiology, audit, health promotion or research into other health service issues. The award is open to all members of the dental team - dental nurses, dental hygienists as well as dentists.

Previous Winners of the IADR/DHF Award

2016 The Dental Health Foundation Award for Public Health and Health Promotion was won by Dr Cristiane da Mata from University College Cork for her presentation "The Relationship between Oral-Health-Related Quality of Life and General Health in the Elderly" The award was presented to Dr Da Mata at the meeting by Patricia Gilsenan-O'Neill, Chief Executive, Dental Health Foundation.

A special acknowledgement was given to Dr Michael Crowe, Dublin Dental University Hospital, for his presentation "Links between Diet, Dental and Weight problems in 3 Year Old | Children?"

2015 Dr Nasser Al-Kaldi for the study "Discrete choice experiment of patient choice when replacing missing teeth"

2012 Dr Gerry McKenna from University College Cork won the IADR / RCSI Postgraduate prize for clinical research. The title of Gerry's presentation was "Impact of tooth replacement on the nutritional status of partially dentate elders: a randomised controlled clinical trial."

The Dental Health Foundation Award for Public Health and Health Promotion was won by Dr Paul Brady from University College Cork with his presentation "End-tidal carbon dioxide changes during intravenous conscious sedation for oral surgery".

2006 Winner

The Winner of this years prize was Carmel Parnell from University College Cork, who's paper was entitled 'School Dental Service Delivery in the Republic of Ireland'.

The paper set out to measure current practice with regard to the organisation and delivery of the Primary School Dental Service (SDS) in the Republic of Ireland. The study highlighted widespread variation in the delivery of the SDS service throughout the country, leading to inequity in service provision and concludes that the development and adoption of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines could facilitate more consistent and efficient practice.

Full paper: "School Dental Service Delivery in the Republic of Ireland"
C. PARNELL1, P. JAMES1, H. WHELTON1, P. BEIRNE1, M. O'FARRELL2, and M. ORMSBY3, 1University College Cork, Ireland, 2HSE North Eastern Area, Navan, Co.Meath, Ireland, 3HSE Northern Area, Dublin 5, Ireland)

2006 Runner-Up

The Runner-Up was Dr. Mairead Harding of University College Cork who's paper was entitled 'A Pocket PC and web-based Software for Data Entry'. This trial system was used in the piloting of a questionnaire as part of a toothwear study involving 15 to 17-year-old subjects. The direct method of data entry provides immediate access to the data, eliminates errors associated with transcribing and provides a system with greater subject-perceived anonymity.

Full paper: "A Pocket PC and Web-based Software for Data Entry"
M.A. HARDING1, A.L. DAVIES2, H. WHELTON3, and D.M. O'MULLANE3, 1National University of Ireland - Cork, HSE-Southern Area, Ireland, 2Cork, Ireland, 3National University of Ireland - Cork, Ireland)

2005 Award

The award was presented in 2005 to Declan Quinn from the North Eastern Health Board for his presentation entitled "The Practice of Conscious Sedation By Senior Dental Surgeons

2004 Award

The winners for 2004 were Dr Darius Sagheri, Dublin Dental School and Hospital, his project is entitled 'Water or salt fluoridation. The effectiveness according to social class'.

The second award went to Dr Maria Tobin and colleagues, University College Cork. Project entitled 'Microbial Contamination of Dental Unit Water Systems in Cork'.

2003 Award

An award was presented in 2003 to Dr Ruth Gray, Senior Clinical Dental Surgeon for the Homeless, South Western Area Health Board, for her research titled the "Oral Health Status of Methadone Clients in Dublin, Ireland"