Healthy Toppings for your Morning Toast!

20 Apr 2016

bake-1239113_1280toast and peanut butterAccording to a new Bord Bia study, we Irish love a bit of toast for breakfast, which is just as well, as many breakfast cereals are very sugary - bad for oral and general health

Here are some ideas from the Dental Health Foundation for Healthy Toppings for Wholemeal Toast!
1. Peanut Butter and Apple Slices
2. Poached egg and baby spinach/rocket
3. Mashed avocado with olive oil and lemon juice
4. Tinned salmon, herbs and lemon juice
5. Sliced banana
6. Cashew butter or almond butter
7. Cottage cheese and tomato slices
8. Mashed strawberries/raspberries or blueberries with some chia seeds