International Women's Day 2013

8 Mar 2013


Lets celebrate International Women's Day 2013!


Did you know that women have specific Oral Health Issues?

The American Dental Association states:

'The 2001 Institute of Medicine's Report "Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?" focused international attention on gender-based biology and its implications for women's health. This report states that by understanding the roles of sex and gender in biology, scientists can better understand these effects on disease and its prevention and treatment.
The U.S. Public Health Service's Task Force on Women's Health defined women's health as diseases or conditions that are unique to, more prevalent in or more serious in women; have distinct causes or manifest themselves differently in women; or have different outcomes or require different interventions than men. This definition encompasses oral diseases and conditions.
Women have special oral health needs and considerations. Hormonal fluctuations have a surprisingly strong influence on the oral cavity. Puberty, menses, pregnancy, menopause and use of contraceptive medications all influence women's oral health and the way in which a dentist should approach treatment'.