Oral Health and Disability Roundtable

8 Oct 2004

The National Disability Authority, Dental Health Foundation and the School of Dental Science, Trinity College Dublin hosted a roundtable event from which a joint position paper on oral health and disability will be published in 2004. This publication will be timely in the context of the disability legislation and the sectoral report that has been issued from the Department of Health and Children to coincide with the bill. The event will took place on Friday 8 October, National Disability Authority’s Headquarters in Dublin.Oral health is central to the health and well being of people with disabilities. Its effects include, not only dental health, but also nutrition, communication, self-esteem and quality of life. Accessing appropriate and good quality oral health care is a significant issue for both people with disabilities and their family members and carers. Oral health practitioners need support such as professional development as well as service resources to provide such care. Research, policy development and standards setting are central to ensuring good and innovative practice.The programme included presentations on the current policy context, research and service development, governance and organisational framework issues. Roundtable discussions identified current issues and ways to progress the oral health and disability agenda.The speakers were:Dr Angela Kerins, National Disability Authority
Ms Deirdre Sadlier, Dental Health Foundation
Ms Iris Elliott, National Disability Authority
Professor June Nunn, School of Dental Science, Trinity College, Dublin
Ms Finula Garrahy, National Association for People with an Intellectual Disability (NAMHI)
Ms Joan Hinchy, People with Disability in Ireland
Dr Matt Walsh, Principal Dental Surgeon, Western Health Board
Mr Norman Campbell, City Hospital Belfast
Professor Patricia Noonan-Walsh, Centre for Disability Studies, University College DublinMeeting Facilitators were:Dr Conac Bradley
Ms Tina Gorman
Professor Ruth Freeman
Ms Michelle Oliver
Dr Barney Murphy
Dr Matt Walsh
Dr Ann O’NeillThe roundtable was attended by representatives from a wide range of organisations concerned with the oral health and disability agenda.