Health in Ireland - An Unequal State

15 Jun 2004

Health in Ireland – An Unequal State
was launched on Tuesday, 15 June 2004 by the Public Health Alliance Ireland“Health in Ireland – An Unequal State” provides an up to date overview of evidence on health inequalities in Ireland. It brings together information from a wide range of sources and demonstrates how health inequalities are inextricably linked to societal inequalities. It illustrates how poorer people have poorer health and die younger than the rest of the population.Speaking at the launch, Rosaleen McDonagh from Pavee Point said "within my
community women still die 12 years earlier than their settled counterparts, they
loose their children at 3 times the rate of their settled counterparts, our population profile is similar to that of a developing country, the benefit of this report for my community is it proves the impact that accommodation, education, employment and poverty have on the health status of marginalised populations and it outlines the urgent needs for health to become the responsibility of the government and not just the Department of Health and Children." One of the authors of the report, Sara Burke said, “in the Alliance we believe that health does not have to be so unequal. We believe that those who are less well off can experience better health. Put simply, inequality is bad for your health”.The Public Health Alliance Ireland is an independent alliance whose mission is to work together for a healthier society by improving health and challenging health inequalities. The Alliance brings together for the first time a range of individuals and organisations united in the specific aim of reducing health inequalities.Copies of the report are available in PDF from the Public Health Alliance website. Please click on the following link: