Health Service Reform

17 Feb 2004

The Dental Health Foundation welcomes the following message from Kevin Kelly, Executive Chairman, Interim Health Services Executive.From January 1st 2005 the Health Service Executive will become responsible for the delivery of all health and personal social services, as set out in the Government decision last June. This means that the delivery of health services in Ireland will be carried out under one governing body. There is a lot to be done before then, and a lot of decisions yet to be made. At this point I want to outline our guiding principles in this ambitious and important process.Unless the outcome of this reform process creates a better environment for both patients and staff it will have been a fruitless exercise. Value for money is also an important element in enhancing the delivery of quality services.The Government is totally committed to ensuring that these reforms take place – the road will not always be easy, and it won’t be completed within the next year to two. But at the end, I believe we will have a better health service. Our success in delivering these reforms to our patients and clients will depend on the mutual efforts of all – only in this way, can it work.Whilst the roadmap has been indicated by Government this journey will not be successful unless we all work in partnership to achieve our ultimate aim. Decisions will not be taken in isolation. Already over 20,000 people took the time to engage in an information sharing process over the summer of last year and your inputs were greatly appreciated. I strongly believe that these reforms will not be successful, unless they are underpinned by a thorough and comprehensive process of communications at each stage. We are committed to ongoing communications with you and with your representative bodies through the partnership process.Already, I have been enormously impressed by the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of all involved in the services, and this gives the interim executive grounds for optimism that by everyone working together the reforms, which I sense all believe must be achieved in the interest of patients and clients and staff, can and will be delivered.We will keep our website up to date with all aspects of the action projects and I encourage you to visit it regularly at
Kevin Kelly
Executive Chairman
Interim Health Service Executive