New Health Programme for Healthy Teeth and Bones

7 May 2003

Milky McDrop introduces the National Dairy Council’s ‘Teacher’s Toolkit’ for healthy teeth and bones.To view NDC’s online classroom resources, visit National Dairy Council has produced a new resource pack to help teachers promote bone health and dental health to students. It has been produced with the support of the Dental Health Foundation. The ‘teacher’s toolkit’ has been designed to complement the Science and Social, Personal & Health Education (SPHE) areas of the revised primary school curriculum. The lesson plans can be incorporated into science lessons under the strand ‘Living things’ and the strand unit ‘Human Life’. It will also be useful for the preparation of SPHE lessons under the strand ‘Myself’ and the strand unit ‘Taking care of my body’.The toolkit consists of eight lesson plans introduced by Milky McDrop. They focus on bone health or dental health and are divided into age-appropriate sections. Each lesson includes ideas for group activities and work cards that may be photocopied for use in the classroom. The National Dairy Council are offering each school the opportunity of receiving one copy of the ‘teacher’s toolkit’. It is designed so that individual lesson plans can be separated for use with different classes. Further copies can be printed by accessing This site also contains information for students on healthy lunch boxes, tooth-friendly snacks, the food pyramid and dairy fact sheets.If you would like to receive your school’s copy of the ‘teacher’s toolkit’, please contact the National Dairy Council, 28 Westland Square, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6169726. Fax: 01 6169760. E-mail: