National Action Plan against Poverty and Social Exclusion (NAPincl) 2001-2003

29 Aug 2002

Further details are available at: The following is the foreword from the report.ForewordThe Irish Government is committed to building an inclusive society both through national and EU policy measures. The establishment of EU National Action Plans against Poverty and Social Exclusion (NAPsincl) marks a further step in the most determined efforts yet by EU Governments to radically improve the situation of the most vulnerable people in our midst and enable them participate fully in society.It has been made possible by a provision in the Treaty of Amsterdam proposed by Ireland. Further provisions proposed by Ireland to extend the process to modernising social protection and to provide a Treaty base for a high powered Social Protection Committee to drive the process forward are included in the Treaty of Nice.The Treaty of Amsterdam provided for a co-operation process among Member States in combating social exclusion, similar to the provision made in the field of employment from which the Employment Action Plans emerged. At the European Councils last year, it was agreed to make the fight against poverty and social exclusion one of the central elements in the modernisation of the European social model. The NAPsincl aim to translate the Community level objectives into each Member State, taking into account national circumstances and policy priorities.Ireland's NAPincl provides an overview of a wide variety of initiatives, being worked on by the Irish Government, to drive forward the social inclusion agenda, touching every aspect of Government. The Plan is grounded in the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness and the National Development Plan and the actions ensuing from these programmes. The NAPincl is the result of a consultative process involving the Social Partners, Government Departments and relevant Agencies.Ireland's NAPincl reflects the state of the National Anti-Poverty Strategy (NAPS) at present, as a work-in-progress. The Strategy is currently being reviewed and revised by way of an extensive process of involvement of stakeholders. This process will culminate in the publication of a revised Strategy in November 2001. Future plans submitted to the EU will be consistent with, and contingent upon, the findings of the NAPS review and will also reflect EU developments in this area.Dermot Ahern TD
Minister for Social, Community and Family Affairs"