A Review of the Health Effects of Stimulant Drinks

25 Aug 2002

The Dental Health Foundation welcomes the publication of this Report which will be of particular interest to people working in the Public Dental Health field.The following is an excerpt from the Report:"Over the last decade, stimulant drinks have developed a considerable share of the global soft drinks market. Legislation controlling their sale and marketing and scientific research into their ingredients lags behind the development of these 'functional' beverages.Some countries, within the European Union (EU), and also Australia and New Zealand have had concerns regarding the potential health effects of stimulant drinks. There are a number of countries where these products are not sold owing to statutory limits on the concentrations of their ingredients, while others stipulate for additional labelling of the products.At the request of the Minister of State at the Department of Health and Children in the Republic of Ireland, the Food Safety Promotion Board (FSPB) convened an expert Committee to review the health effects of stimulant drinks. This report is the outcome of the Committee's work.The lack of scientific research into some of the ingredients found in stimulant drinks, and the unrecorded health effects of the combined ingredients, has made this task a difficult one. However, this report should prove to be valuable. It aims to raise awareness regarding the health effects of these products for particular subsections of the population on the island of Ireland, and it sets out recommendations to address the gaps in the current knowledge. It is hoped that the concerns highlighted in this report will be addressed by policy makers and researchers, and will ultimately influence the behaviour of the population."The full report is available on-line at www.safefoodonline.com/publications/p_research.asp