Cochrane Collaboration - Oral Health / Evidence Based Information

2 Jul 2002

Information from one of the world's most respected electronic health libraries, the Cochrane Collaboration, is now available, free of charge, to anyone in Ireland who has access to the internet.The Dental Health Foundation welcomes this important development. Oral Health is a key topic within this quality health information system and it is a valuable resource for the dental profession and the general public. Anyone on the island of Ireland with access to the Internet will now be able to use what is regarded as the world's best single source of evidence on the effects of different forms of health care.The agreement has been reached between the Cochrane Collaboration, which prepares the information in the library, Update Software, which is responsible for publishing it, the Health Research Board in Dublin and the Research & Development Office, in Belfast. This is the first time that access to the Cochrane Library has been made widely available to Internet users in any country in the world.The Cochrane Library is produced through the work of the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organisation that prepares and maintains systematic reviews of the effects of health care interventions. The Collaboration includes more than 6500 people (mostly volunteers) in over 60 countries, including the island of Ireland.The Library is the world's most authoritative source of information on the effectiveness of interventions for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of all health conditions. Cochrane reviews provide systematic, up-to-date summaries of the possible benefits and harms of health care, which help people make practical decisions about their care and that of others.The Cochrane Library, Ireland National Provision Logon Page: