Young People FAQs

How do I find out which dentists in my area operate under the public dental service scheme?

If you contact the Irish Dental Association (IDA) or look up their website ( you will be able to find which dentists operate under the public dental service scheme. The phone number of the IDA is 01 2950072.

You can also contact the Public Dental Service in your area to ask what classes are screened in your child's school.

Is my 2 year old daughter entitled to free dental check ups and if so where and how often can she attend?

The situation with regards to check ups for your 2 year old is that there is no provision within the Public Dental Service to provide check ups for children outside of the school screening service unless in the case of an emergency.

You could take your daughter to a Private Dentist and there would be a cost associated with that. With regards to whether you can claim back some of the cost of this care, you could contact the Department of Social and Family Affairs, Dental Benefits Section on 1809 400 400 extension 44480 or on 01 7043000.

My son is six years old. His first permanent front teeth have started to come up behind his baby teeth. Will he need to have his baby teeth pulled to make room as his baby teeth are not loose?

Dental Health Foundation is not involved in treatments or services and would recommend that you consult with a dentist with regards to this query.
You could try either your local Health Service Executive Public Dental Service which provides a School Dental Service to enquire about your sons situation or you could contact a Private Dental Service in your area.

If you would like assistance finding a dentist in your area, please visit or call the Irish Dental Association on 01 2950072 for same.

My son has yellowish discoloration of his two new permanent teeth. He has been brushing his teeth regularly but I am concerned about the colour of his teeth. Where is the nearest dental health care centre?

Dental Health Foundation would recommend that you contact your local Health Service Executive Dental Clinic to enquire about seeing a dentist with regards to your concerns. The Public Dental Service provides a service to school children so it would be worth contacting your Clinic to enquire about when your son is due to be seen. We would recommend that you indicate your particular concerns at this time also.

Alternatively you could contact the Irish Dental Association ( or by phone on 01 2950072) to find a local dentist working in private practice if you are not able to access a dentist from the Public Dental Service.