Entitlements FAQs

I recently got a medical card and wish to visit a dentist. How do I choose a dentist and make an appointment?? Do I have to register with a particular dentist? What treatment am I entitled to?


Medical Card Holders and Dental Health

Here is what the Citizens Information advises members of the public who have a medical card



The Irish Dental Association (IDA) advises members of the public to firstly contact their local dentist to see what treatment they are entitled to.

You can contact the IDA to find a dentist near to you, their phone number is 01 2950072. The IDA website is www.dentist.ie


The HSE says "Application for approval for such treatments should be made to the Principal Dental Surgeon."



PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme.

The PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme is administered by the Treatment Benefit Section of the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Patients are entitled to one annual oral examination.

You can contact the Department of Social and Family affairs to enquire about what dental care you may be entitled to, their number is 1890 400 400 extension 44480.