Education FAQs

I am a school teacher and I am seeking information or resources on dental education and the promotion of good oral hygiene.

You can contact us at or ring us at 01-6728870 and we will be happy to talk to you about what resources are available in hard copy.

All the resources that Dental Health Foundation has developed are however available for download from our website. Please see the relevant sections for full listings.

The Dental Section of your local HSE Health Centre may be able to be of assistance with regards to posters.

I plan to roll out the Dental Health Foundation's Mighty Mouth Programme to my 5-6 year old students in the coming weeks and I understand that you have some additional resources available, specifically the large toothbrush and puppet. Is there a possibility they could be posted out?

We are delighted that you are rolling out the Mighty Mouth Programme. We can arrange to post you the puppet and tooth brush in the coming days.

The props are available for loan and we would ask that you return the props once you have delivered your classes.